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4. Summer Camps

All children attending our camps must be aware of and agree to the rules and regulations of Killary before the arrive. We have developed these rules to ensure your children have a safe environment in which to enjoy their stay.


Children are accommodated in 4 and 6-bed dorm rooms for the camp. Where possible we will try and put friends in the same room, but this is not always possible due to limited beds and limited numbers in groups. 

While our housekeeping staff maintain and clean all common areas and bedrooms, children are responsible for keeping their rooms tidy and will participate in tidying of their own rooms and shower blocks each evening.

Safety & behaviour

Any child found in possession of, or under the influence of alcohol will be sent home immediately at their own expense. Any child found in possession of, or under the influence of any illegal drug will be sent home immediately at their own expense.

All children must adhere to any safety requests made by the instructors on an activity session. Any failure to comply will result in the child being asked to leave the session or the session being stopped completely. We reserve the right to remove any child from all activities if their behaviour is deemed unsafe.

Children are not allowed off the premises unless supervised by a parent or instructor. Children are not allowed to leave their rooms after 11pm (all rooms are en-suite). The only time they may leave their rooms is if they need to contact the night supervisor.

Drop-off/Pick-up times

For our non-residential programmes, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that children are dropped off at the correct time and picked up in the evening at 5pm.  

For children taking part in our residential camps, it is the responsibility of parents/guardians to drop children off at the start off the camp and pick them up on the last day at the allocated times.

Personal property

We recommend that children do not bring any valuables with them. Children are responsible for keeping their own possessions safe (clothes, mp3 players, phones, cameras, etc) and must make sure they take everything with them on departure. We recommend that each child brings a list of their possessions to help with this. 

We are not responsible for lost property and unfortunately cannot return items left behind.  
Anything left behind will be recycled, donated to local charities, or disposed of on the day of departure.


Any damage to our property must be paid for. All children allocated to the same dorm room will be held equally responsible for any damage to a room and damage charges will be divided equally amongst them. It is up to each child to be proactive in bringing any damage to the attention of the duty supervisor as soon as possible.

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