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Westport Train Station Return Bus Transfer

 This bus transfer is ONLY available on Sundays between the 4th June - 20th August 2023. 

Sunday Evening Arrival: Campers will be collected from at the Westport train station at 17:10 (Arrival time of 13:40 Dublin Heuston train) and brought by mini bus to Killary Adventure Centre for the start of their summer camp. They will be met at the train station by a member of staff from Killary Adventure Company. Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians for the duration of the train journey to Westport until they get onto the Killary transfer bus.

Sunday Morning Departure: Campers will be brought to the Westport train station for the morning 13:30 departure Westport - Dublin Heuston train (Arrives in Heuston 16:42) . They will be put onto the train by a member of staff from Killary Adventure Company. Once the train departs Westport train station children are once again the responsibility of their parents/guardians.

Any children using this Westport transfer service must be competent and capable of travelling by themselves on the train. 

This is a return transfer service from Westport train station to Killary Adventure Company. It is not possible to book only one way. The costs does not include any train tickets, these must be purchased by parents/guardians prior to the journey. This service can be added at time of booking or up to 2 weeks before camp start date.


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