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Westport Train Station Return Bus Transfer

 Bus transfers can be booked as a return service for 7 day campers, or a One-Way Sunday Arrival only service for 5 day campers. 

Sunday Evening Arrival: Campers will be collected from at the Westport train station at 17:10 (Arrival time of 13:40 Dublin Heuston train) and brought by mini bus to Killary Adventure Centre for the start of their summer camp. They will be met at the train station by a member of staff from Killary Adventure Company. Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians for the duration of the train journey to Westport until they get onto the Killary transfer bus.

Sunday Morning Departure: (7 Day Camps only) Campers will be brought to the Westport train station for the morning 13:30 departure Westport - Dublin Heuston train (Arrives in Heuston 16:42) . They will be put onto the train by a member of staff from Killary Adventure Company. Once the train departs Westport train station children are once again the responsibility of their parents/guardians.

Any children using this Westport transfer service must be competent and capable of travelling by themselves on the train. 

Those who book a One-Way Bus Transfer for a 5 Day Camp will need to be collected from Killary Adventure Centre by a parent or guardian on their day of departure. The costs does not include any train tickets, these must be purchased by parents/guardians prior to the journey. This service can be added at time of booking or up to 2 weeks before camp start date.


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