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What our customers say

My son attended your 5-day camp and had an experience of a lifetime, he was already requested to return next year for the 7-day camp. The quality of everything he experienced was top class and has not stopped talking about how much he managed to push himself to achieve goals he never thought he would. Please thank all of the staff for making his first long stay away from home an amazing memory for him.

Residential Camp

Parent - Thelma 2023

My daughter absolutely loved the camp! She is sitting here beside me and said that the camp leaders were all kind and helpful, the activities were very fun and interesting. 
She said she made lots of new friends and is still in touch with them. She is much more independent since she came home. I’ve recommended it to my friends for their kids. 
Thanks for looking after her so well.

Residential Camp 

Parent - Ciara 2023


I just wanted to write and send my heartfelt thanks for taking such good care of my daughter these past two weeks and more importantly giving her such incredible and unforgettable life experiences in a kind and nurturing environment. I picked her up from the airport late last night and for the whole hour's drive home, she did not draw a breath while telling me all about it. The same things kept coming back, how nice everyone was, how much she laughed and laughed. She also said how liberating she found it being away from her phone and social media (and mirrors) and discovering a whole new side of life and herself. Please keep doing what you do - It's magical for these kids to get into a completely new space (physical and headspace) and try out new things and throw caution to the wind. 

Teen Wilderness Camp

Parent - Maddy 2023

My son was at your Spanish camp last week and said it was just brilliant! He said the accommodation was 'very fancy'! ' and the food was delicious. He really had a fantastic week and loved the instructors too. So just to say a huge thanks to all involved for making it such a great experience for him. 

Spanish Camp

Parent - Anna 2023

Another year in Killary & I have 2 teenagers at home who can’t wait to get back. They had a fantastic time, this year they brought friends & we keep hearing stories of all the fun stuff that they did and the people they met. They loved the evening with the evening games and all the interaction with the other kids. Brilliant memories, thanks for looking after them, not one negative.

Residential Camp

Verona 2023

I went to the summer multi-activity residential camp there, and OMG didn't regret it one bit. The food was amazing, the dorms were comfortable, the activities were fun, the people were great and the instructors were kind. I really recommend going to Killary!

Residential Camp 

Camper 2023

My 14 year old son has just returned from 2 week Spanish adventure camp. He had the time of his life! Thumbs up for the activities, the instructors and the food.


July 2022

I just wanted to thank you and all the team for this last week with our daughter Sofia. She tells us that everything on the Wilderness Camp was great. She had an amazing time and is looking forward to next years camp already! Thanks again to everyone.


August 2022



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