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Please read this very carefully. We recommend you bring with you the following items of clothing and equipment to help make your stay or day trip with us as comfortable as possible. Please also be aware of our mobile phone policy and check in procedure.


Face Mask  Due to Covid 19 everyone coming to Killary must bring a face mask with them. We recommend that face masks are worn whenever you are inside the buildings.
Old warm clothing When on activities avoid wearing denim. Tracksuits, fleeces, combats are best. Some of the activities, particularly the Killary Challenge and the Turf Challenge, can be quite mucky so make sure that they are old clothes. Layers work best so a couple of fleeces or similar.
Rain Jacket & trousers We strongly recommend you beg, borrow or steal (not really!) some rain gear for your trip. It does not have to be expensive. Many shops sell plastic macs from as little as 10.00 Euro.  It is essential that you have at least a rain jacket with you.
Woolly hat, gloves and warm socks For the cold weather and because all of our activities are outdoors.
Footwear Ideally if you have a pair of runners and walking boots it would be great. However runners will do just as well. If you have two pairs, one to keep dry and one to get wet it would be best.
Evening time wear A complete change of clothes and spare shoes for travelling home in or for evening wear.
Sports Shorts  If you intend to wear shorts on activity they HAVE TO BE a sports type of shorts for your comfort and for safety against rope burn etc. Shorts that come down midway to the thigh will work.NO fashion shorts or cut off shorts are allowed for activity. 
Wetsuit & Swimsuit

We provide the wetsuits for your water activities. You do not have to bring one.

It is normal to wear a swimsuit under you wetsuit. You will need to bring swimwear. If you have a nylon thermal top, you could wear it under your wetsuit also but this is not essential.

Towels You cannot have too many towels with you on an activity holiday. You will need some for your room and for your activity programme. 
Toiletries There are no toiletries sold onsite. Leenane Village, 5km from Killary, has limited toiletries for sale. You need to bring toiletries for the rooms. 
Pocket Money If you are on a school trip or summer camp there is a tuck shop onsite.
Plastic bags Please please please bring plastic bags with you. By the end of your stay you may have quite a lot of wet clothes you will not want to put into your luggage. We will give them out in reception but at a ridiculous price!
Small personal first aid kit We have of course our own first aid station but we recommend bringing your own relevant supplies. Please remember you are 30 mins drive from the nearest chemist and that Connemara has not quite reached the 24-hour opening hours yet!
Insect Repellent

PLEASE BRING THIS.  VERY ESSENTIAL. To keep away the annoying midges during the months of April to September. You will not have an enjoyable visit otherwise.

We also STRONGLY advise that you bring a midge net..  They are on sale at Killary Advneture Co €8.00

Extras for summer Sunscreen, shorts, t-shirts for the summer months in case the sun comes out!
Gaisce Requirements
Backpack Medium-sized rucksack to carry all your supplies, water, food and other equipment
Walking shoes It is essential that you bring a good strong pair of walking boots as the terrain is rugged and wet. Runners are not appropriate.
Plastic Bags Essential not only for your wet and muddy clothes but also useful as a dry place to sit when you eat lunch up on the mountain.
Other useful information
Valuables Killary recommend that children do not take any valuables with them for their trip to Killary. If children do decide to bring them to Killary we are sorry but Killary will not accept responsibility for them.
The Leader/Teacher with the children must collect all valuables and place them in a container which we will provide. For residential groups we then ask that the Leader/Teacher lock the container in their room. For day trips we will place the container in a safe place for them. Teachers however than assume the role of ensuring each individual student receives their valuables back in order.
List of personal items For children under 14 it is advisable that they have a list of all personal items they bring with them to the centre, so they can check them off on departure.
Lost property We do not return lost property so make sure when leaving the centre that you bring everything with you.  We have recycling bins for the clothing that is left behind at the centre.  Clothes and shoes are put in every day, so make sure you bring all your items with you when you leave the activity site and changing rooms.
Watersports Wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets are provided for all watersports.
Bed linen

All bed linen is provided, duvet & pillows in all rooms. You do not need to bring a sleeping bag for the rooms.  

If you are doing the Camping Expedition Summercamp you will need to bring your own sleeping bag and matt.

Drying facilities We have a large drying room at the centre for raingear and boots/runners.
Mobile phones Most mobile networks work in the area but may be limited.
Showers and changing facilities There are extra changing and shower facilities at both the accommodation centre and at the activity site.
CAMPING EXPEDITION  - EXTRAS  Children doing the Camping Expedition summercamp programme need a couple of extra itmes.  Due to current COVID policies they need their own sleeping bag.  Also bring a head torch, a roll mat for underneath their sleeping bag, a small back pack/ rucksack  for day trips ( similr to school bag size), good waterproof gear.  A midge net ( we have them for sale at centre), insect repellent and sunblock, a drinking bottle for water.  This equipment does not need to be expensive.  Children on the camp only transport their day pack during the day, we trasport everything else for them. 

Check in/out procedure for Summercamps  - Click here for details. 

Mobile phone plicy for Summercamps - Click here for details