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Residential Summer Camps - What to Bring

Clothing, shoes & accessories
  • Tracksuits, leggings, fleeces & combats, shorts & t-shirts - layers work best. Kids will get wet and mucky, so old clothes are ideal. Jeans are not suitable for activities. 
  • Shorts must be long sports shorts that cover the thigh to prevent rope burn and chaffing from equipment during activities. No cut-off or designer shorts.
  • Rain jacket & trousers – it will rain!
  • Woolly hat, gloves & warm socks – useful even in the summer months.
  • Two pairs of trainers/runners for activities – one to keep dry and one to get wet.
  • Comfortable clothes & pair of runners, sandals or crocs - for wearing in the evening after activities & travelling home.
  • Two sets of swimwear – for water activities. A nylon thermal top is useful but not essential. Wetsuits are provided. 
  • Nightwear & underwear – enough for the whole stay!
  • Sunhat/baseball cap & sunglasses – for sunny days.
  • Plastic bags x 2 – essential for wet and muddy clothes. 
  • A net laundry bag – for pre-booked laundry service.  Please clearly label all of your childs belongings.
  • Towels x 4  – two for dorm room & two for activities.
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, roll on deodorant etc. There are no toiletries sold on-site.  No aerosol deodorant permitted at camp.
  • Sunscreen & lip balm – because the sun does come out!
  • Insect repellent (roll on or cream only), midge net and antihistamine cream for bites – midges can be very annoying in the summer months. No aerosol/spray insect repellent permitted at camp
  • Medication – please bring any regular medication needed.
  • Each child needs to bring 5 antigen tests with them to camp, for use if they develop symptoms of Covid during camp. * UPDATED 07/07/2022
Other useful items
  • Water bottle 
  • Small backpack – lightweight backpack to carry water, towel, swimwear, for daily activities. 
  • Watch – an inexpensive watch can be useful as mobile phone time is limited.
  • Spending money - €20 to €30 cash or a prepaid card, and some €1.00 coins for the pool table. We recommend that kids do not bring large amounts of money or valuables.
  • List of personal items - A checklist of all personal items so that nothing is left behind. Very useful for packing to go home!
  • Please clearly label all of your childs belongings.