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A trip to Killary can mean all four seasons in a day. You might be basking in glorious sunshine or soaked to the skin in our world-famous Connemara rain. And our activities will get you wet and mucky, all in the name of adventure of course. To make sure you are fully prepared, we suggest the following list of essentials to bring with you.

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Activities - What to Bring

Old clothing

Old tracksuits, fleeces & combats, shorts & t-shirts for the summer months. Layers work best. Avoid wearing denim. You will get wet and mucky so make sure to bring old clothes.

Rain jacket & trousers

A rain jacket is an essential item. It will rain during your visit.

Woolly hat, gloves & warm socks

All of our activities are outdoors so these are useful even in the summer months.

Two pairs of trainers/boots

One to keep dry and one to get wet. Ideally a pair of runners/trainers and walking boots: however, two pairs of runners/trainers will do.

Change of clothes

A complete change of clothes and spare shoes for changing into after activities.


To wear under your wetsuit for water activities. A nylon thermal top is also useful but not essential. Wetsuits are provided.

Walking boots

If you are taking part in walking or trekking activities, a good strong pair of walking boots is essential as the terrain is rugged and wet. Runners are not appropriate.


You can never have too many towels with you on an activity holiday.


There are no toiletries sold on-site.

Plastic bags

For wet and muddy clothes. Also useful as a dry place to sit. Please, please, please bring plastic bags with you.


Essential during the months of April to September, to keep away the annoying midges.

Personal first aid kit

We have a fully equipped first-aid station but recommend bringing your own supplies. It is a 30-minute drive to the nearest chemist.

Small backpack

A lightweight rucksack to carry water supplies & equipment.

Pocket money

A small amount of pocket money for our on-site tuck shop. However, we recommend that young people do not bring large amounts of money or valuables.

List of personal items

A checklist of all your personal items so that nothing is left behind.