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Have a look at the Killary Adventure Centre accommodation base for full details on our facilities. Rooms are allocated to your group in advance of your arrival. We would be happy to send you this allocation if it helps you to organise the sharing arrangements for your group. Just a note - bed linen is provided in all rooms but towels are provided in teacher/leader accommodation only.





The first part of the evening is spent with the students doing a quick tidy up of the bedrooms then it is back to the fun! The evening programme runs from 7.30pm to 10pm each evening and involves a wide range of games, challenges and fun activities to engage all of the students. They could include Challenge Night, Puzzles and Memory Games, Quiz Night, Treasure Hunt, Team Games, Plays/Improvisation, Talent Show and Ball Games. Our instructors are specially trained to make this time as constructive, fun and inclusive as possible.


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