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Mountain Run and Turf Elite

Mountain Run and Turf Elite

This intense and most physically demanding of all programmes is designed for really tough teams that never stop pushing their boundaries and always look for new challenges. Your team will be running over unmarked routes in the mountains in wildest Connemara before taking on the obstacles of the elite version of our Turf Challenge Course.


5 hours

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6 hrs


Team bonding, competitive, physically challenging

Suitable for:

 The fittest and most adventurous teams looking for a new challenge.

What is involved:

You will start the day with a challenging run that features steep ascents and descents across unmarked routes in the stunning mountains of Connemara. This will be followed by the Turf Challenge obstacle course which brings you through the energy-sapping Connemara bog, gets you jumping into the pure waters of Killary Fjord and scrambling over many an obstacle put in your path! It will be essential to work together to get the whole team across the finish line.


  • Tests and  improves communication and cooperation
  • Encourages strategic planning
  • Utilises everybody's strengths
  • Builds trust