Welcome to the Killary Lodge, we really hope you enjoy your stay. Below are some very important house rules for groups taking the building for a self-catering stay. We ask that you please make everyone in your group aware of these in advance of their arrival.

Killary Lodge House Rules:

  1. The €1,500 security deposit is required before or upon arrival. You will not be given keys to the house until we have received this. This is to cover any large breakages or damage to the property or anything within it. There will be a check out check of the building by our staff before the security deposit is returned to you.

  2. Please ensure that you notify us if the number of guests changes between booking and arrival. For fire safety it is very important that we know how many people are staying in the building every night.

  3. Small breakages such as glasses, crockery etc are fine, within reason, but we do ask that you let us know of any upon departure so we can replace things as required.

  4. No high heeled shoes are to be worn inside the building due to the wooden floors throughout. Evidence of this will result in a deduction from your security deposit.

  5. The building must be left as you found it on arrival. Please see the below ‘Cleaning on departure’ list of what must be completed by your group. Failure to do this will result in €500 being taken from your security deposit.

  6. The building is a no smoking building, if there is evidence of smoking in the building such as a smell etc you will lose the entire security deposit of your group. Should the fire alarm be set off by smoking and the attendance of a staff member required you will be charged a €150 call out fee.

  7. There is a Tipi tent in the garden of the Lodge. This is not to be used unless agreed with the owner prior to arrival.

  8. All rubbish produced by your group must be emptied into the bins provided. There is a black bin for general waste, a blue bin for recycling, a silver milk urn for compost all located in the car park across from the Lodge building. All glasses and cans must be brought to the recycling centre located at Killary Adventure Centre.

  9. Dogs are welcome at the Killary Lodge ONLY when arranged prior to arrival with owner. Please pay special attention to section 12 below in the terms and conditions.

  10. Please do not use blue tac/white tac or any other type of adhesive to stick decorations or items onto the walls of the Lodge. The rough plaster finish makes it impossible to remove this cleanly, leaving a mark that cannot be washed off.

Check Out:

Check out is at 10am on your day of departure. Our staff will arrive at 10am to check the building.

If your group would like a later check out, depending on the time of year, this may sometimes be possible. It needs to be organised in advance of your group’s arrival and will incur a late checkout fee.

Killary Lodge Guest Cleaning on departure*:

  1. Please strip all beds that have been used. If you have not used a bed please leave on the sheets as we try and reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and the unnecessary cleaning of sheets and towels is something we try to avoid.
    Please leave all dirty sheets and towels in a pile in each bedroom.

  1. Empty all bins from kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. There are large bins onsite for general waste, food waste and recycling.

  2. All bottles and drinks cans must be brought to the recycling centre located at the Killary Adventure Centre, 1km form the Killary Lodge.

  3. Clean kitchen and ensure all crockery, cutlery and utensils are clean and put away.

  4. BBQ – This needs to be cleaned if your group used it.

  5. Remove all food items that were brought with you.

  6. Outdoor areas – please ensure that all rubbish is removed from any outdoor areas surrounding the Lodge such as around the fire pits etc. Please also ensure that no items from inside the building are left outside the building such as glassware, crockery etc.

  7. Please ensure that all furniture is in the position it was found on arrival. If any furniture has been moved between rooms (we strongly advise against this) please ensure it is moved back.

  8. Please ensure you inform us of any breakages e.g glasses, crockery etc so that we can ensure they are replaced before the next guests arrive.


*If any of the above is found not to have been done on departure/check-out this will result in a deduction or the total loss of your security deposit.


1. Booking terms and conditions

We are very keen to have a clear arrangement with our guests. These terms and conditions are sent out with every final payment confirmation. Please read these in full within 5 days of receiving them. If there is anything unclear or that needs clarification you need to contact us within 5 days in writing. If there is no correspondence within 5 days, the customer, hereinafter referred to as "the user", agrees to the following conditions.

The booking is confirmed only after payment of the deposit. Your reservation will be final only after payment of the deposit. By signing this agreement you declare, quoted as 'user', to have read the general conditions of the Killary Lodge.

2. Payment Schedule

The deposit must be paid at the time of signing and confirmation of the agreement.

The holiday home can only be occupied by the user after payment of the agreed total sum as well as the security deposit.

Payments must be made as stipulated in the quote and booking confirmation.

The owner reserves the right to refuse access to the house to the user if the full amount and security deposit has not been paid as per conditions.

Security Deposit

The security deposit must be paid before access to the house is provided.

The security deposit return will be processed 48hr after departure. This is subject to a departure check being carried out by Killary Lodge staff and the completion of cleaning of the building by our cleaning staff.

The return of this deposit is subject to guests having completed the ‘Guest Cleaning on Departure’ list outlined on page 2; no damage has been done to the property or its contents or other expenses that may have been incurred by owner.

If any issues arise in relation to the building and how it was left on departure the lead traveller/booking contact will be contacted by the Killary Lodge Owner.

3. Lead traveller

 The user assumes, for the duration of the period of the booking, the responsibility of the property as well as the related land, and undertakes to refund to the owner or to any person authorized by him, all the expenses any act of negligence or improper use may incur. Any breach found will be immediately communicated to the owner.

The user undertakes to read and comply with all rules, terms & conditions sent by the owner. The user also undertakes to transmit them to all co-inhabitants. These instructions will be forwarded to the user by the owner in advance of check in.

4. Respect for our neighbours and local environment

Killary Lodge is located in a small peaceful area, and we make sure to maintain an excellent relationship with our neighbours.

The user of the building and its cohabitants will not cause any disturbance of any kind to the local area and those living in it. Between 10 pm and 7 am all music must be turned to a manageable and respectful level. Doors and windows should be shut to minimise noise pollution to local business and homes. Any form of noise pollution outside the building is prohibited (music, songs, night games etc).

Upon simple request of the owner or one of the neighbours, we ask that the user will immediately put an end to any form of noise annoyance. If the owner, or a member of staff, is required to visit the property between the hours of 22:00 and 07:00 due to noise pollution this will result in a €200 call out fee being taken from the group’s security deposit.

Failure to comply with one of these rules will result in the users being asked to leave the premises immediately, without reimbursement of the security deposit.

Parking is provided in a car park to the front of the building: Vehicles can only be parked in the designated parking areas of which there are 2, both located across the road from the building. It is forbidden to load or unload vehicles in front of the building. Please always continue to the car park for parking. This ensures the road is always free for the Connemara Hostel, the owner and some other users.

5. Arrival and departure

The user can arrive on the first day of the booking period from 17:00 and is required to have left the Lodge on the last day of the booking period by 10:00, unless otherwise agreed prior to arrival with the owner.

6. Number of Guests allowed at the Killary Lodge

The maximum occupancy cannot be exceeded. The installation of tents, caravans, mobile homes or other is not allowed. 

If the user is found to have more cohabitants staying that was booked and agreed, the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and to require the user and his co-inhabitants to leave the premises immediately.

7. Access to all areas of the building

 The technical rooms should never be accessed by the user. These are the main electrical room, storage closets or external boiler room.

If there is an issue with any functionality of the house please let us know immediately and we will have someone come to the property if required.

9. Rules

Our experience requires us to be very strict on certain points, so we ask for your understanding for that.

The following are forbidden to the user:

- Sound installations, music, musical instruments etc after 22:00 on the terrace and in the garden.

- Mattresses and beds cannot be moved under any circumstances.

- It is also urged not to move tables and chairs from one room to another. At the end of the booking period everything must be perfectly put in place, in accordance with how it was found on arrival.

- There is to be absolutely no smoking in the building. Any sign or smell of this will result in the user losing the security deposit in total.

- Do not under any circumstances tamper with or cover the smoke or carbon dioxide detectors in the building. If any of these have been tampered with your group will be asked to leave the premises immediately, with loss of all monies and security deposit, as you are putting the safety of the group and the building at risk. It is a criminal offence to tamper with the above.

11. Cancellation

In case of cancellation there will be NO refunds on any payment that have already been made. There are no exceptions.

12. Animals at the Killary lodge

Dogs are allowed at the Lodge with prior approval by the owner of the Killary Lodge. However the following must be accepted by the dogs owner:

- The dog is clean, does not bite/damage the furniture and is used to accompanying its owners on vacation.

- The dog does not go into the bedrooms, up on any furniture/beds, onto any carpets etc.  

- The dog is not the cause of a noise problem, such as excessive barking etc

- The dog is never left alone in the house.

- The dog sleeps in his cage or in the car.

- The faeces of the dog are immediately removed from the grounds of the Lodge and disposed of appropriately.

Owners must ensure that dogs are under control at all times as there are other people, businesses and dogs around the Lodge. If there is any extra cleaning required due to dirt or damage by the animal or if any of the above conditions are found not to have been adhered to you will lose some or all of your €1,500 security deposit.

It is important to note that in the surrounding area that we are located farmers do not allow dogs onto their land, even when on leads. So you would not be able to bring the dogs on most of the surrounding walks etc due to this. We are happy for them to walk on our land and 2km walking trail.

13. No Smoking and rubbish

 The whole building is non-smoking. Smokers can only smoke outside on the terrace, using ashtrays. The garden, terrace and parking are not ashtrays. The user and his cohabitants will take care at all times that butts are thrown into an ashtray or a trash can placed on the terrace. They will also take care not to cause fire.

The collection of cigarette butts by the owner will result in €150 being deducted from the security deposit.

Waste sorting is mandatory. Each bin is clearly marked indicating what it should be used for. There is a large general waste bin, recycling bin and food waste bin onsite. All drinks cans and glass bottles must be brought to the recycling centre located at the Killary Adventure Centre and placed in the appropriate bin by you and your group.

All outdoor areas surrounding the Lodge must be cleared of rubbish created by your group before departure.

At the end of the stay, the user will take care to leave clean places: swept, without dishes and without unsorted waste.

14. Sanctions

 In the event that the user and his co-inhabitants do not behave in accordance with the terms of this contract, the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking and to require the user and his co-inhabitants to leave the premises immediately.

If the booking is shortened for one of these reasons, before the end of the booking dates initially provided, the user can not in any case require reimbursement on the sum of the booking.

15. Damage

 The owner can in no way be held responsible for damages that the user and / or his cohabitants or their property would suffer because of their stay in the house. This includes all cars parked in the car parks. Theses and their contents are left there at owners risk.

17. Lost and found items

Lost / forgotten items can be returned upon request, at a minimum administrative cost of €15 postage and packaging. Depending on the size of the item and the location it must be posted to this may increase. Any costs will be quoted and must be paid in advance of anything being sent.

Event Rules for the Killary Lodge

Due to a recent experience with a group the following rules have been added to this document. If you are not 100% sure that you and everyone in your group can adhere to these then the Killary Lodge is not the place for your group.

Remember as the lead traveller and group contact you are financially and legally responsible for your groups behaviour and treatment of the Killary Lodge building and surrounds. It is also your responsibility to ensure that everyone in your group has been sent, and agrees to adhere to, this document.

  1. All parties that are not authorised by the owner are prohibited.

Any party that violates House Rules or takes place without the prior knowledge and consent of the owner is prohibited. Guests who throw unauthorised parties will be asked to leave the property with immediate effect. They will lose all monies paid for their stay and also the entirety of their security deposit.

If a guest/group does not provide the owner with correct information in relation to the above, the owner reserves the right to ask the group to leave the premises immediately.

  1. If the owner authorises an event only people staying at the Killary Lodge are allowed attend.

In special circumstances the owner may make exceptions for this. However this must be agreed in writing before a group arrives to check in.

  1. Proper care of the property

If the owner or staff feel at any point during a groups stay that proper care is not being taken of the property, its contents or surrounds a house inspection will occur. If it is found that any of the terms and conditions or house rules are not being followed the group will be asked to leave immediately with total loss of monies paid and their security deposit.

  1. Group Behaviour

Killary Lodge reserves the right to terminate this contract if the behaviour or conduct of the guests either prior to or during a stay is likely to endanger the safety or well-being of other consumers in the group or that of the guest themself.

Killary Lodge reserves the right to terminate a groups stay if the behaviour or conduct of any members of the group is deemed to be offensive, threatening or disturbs other residents of adjourning properties and businesses.

  1. Group Bookings

Killary Lodge does not accept bookings from groups of parties under the age of 25, or hen/stag parties unless otherwise agreed in writing.

We reserve the right to refuse check-in to such groups and will not refund any monies paid in advance in the event of non-disclosure of information relating to the above.

  1. Age Restrictions

No guest under the age of 25 can book the Killary Lodge. Guests under the age of 25 must be accompanied by at least one person over 25 years of age.

  1. Check Out

The lead traveller, or a designated person from the group, must remain on the property on the day of check out to meet with the Killary Lodge check out staff. If this is not possible it must be agreed with the owner prior to arrival.

Failure to adhere to this will result in the loss of your security deposit.

  1. Noise disturbance

The Killary Lodge is in a rural location but it does have a number of residential and business properties around it. If a group does not adhere to the rules in relation to noise they will be asked to leave the property with immediate effect.

  1. Tampering with fire alarm systems and extinguishers

If it is found that any of the smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and fire alarm system has been tampered with in any way your group will be asked to leave the property. It is a criminal offence to tamper with, including cover, a smoke detector This will not be tolerated.

  1. Broken/Damaged Items

Any damage caused that is in excess of the security deposit must be paid for in full within 24hrs of departure. The exception to this would be where the owner needs time to get an accurate price on putting the damage right.


NOTE: If a group is asked to leave the property early for any reason it will result in the total loss of all monies paid and their security deposit.