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Slingshot to Victory

Slingshot to Victory

This fun-filled team building programme will effectively encourage team planning, communication and strategic thinking. Through a series of fun and challenging tasks ranging from the silly to the intense, each team works to match their skills against those of the other groups. The higher the team’s score the more materials they will have for the high flying grand finale!


3 hours

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Time needed:

3 hrs


Competitive, team bonding

Suitable for:

All ages and fitness levels

What is involved:

The teams will have to put their heads together to design the most powerful and accurate catapult they can create. There will be room for creative thinking as well as hands-on work through trial and error. Can your team build a prototype sling shot that sends objects flying through the air and most importantly landing where you intended them to? There's only one way to find out!


  • Enhances cooperation
  • Encourages strategic planning
  • Promotes creativity
  • Encourages team bonding
  • Improves communication

Recommended combinations:

Perfect finale to any team building programme of your choice. When based at Killary Adventure Centre why not combine this with a variety of land and water based activities. It could be a good idea to practice your hand to eye coordination at the Archery or Clay Pigeon Shooting ranges earlier in the day and leave the Slingshot to Victory for the grand finale.