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Product Pipeline

Product Pipeline

This is an interactive business simulation event that will encourage participants to work together both within their micro- as well as macro-teams in order to deliver the final product to the customer. In this fast-paced, fun-oriented activity, the diversity of roles to be filled will allow everyone to get the opportunity to showcase their talents!


3 hours

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Time needed:

3 hrs


Team bonding, interactive

Suitable for:

All ages and fitness levels

What is involved:

Your team will face a task of constructing a conveyor belt that will deliver the product safely through all stages of production and all departments to the display shelves of the shop. All skills and talents will need to come together - marketing tricks, engineering ideas, precision and determination of hands-on manual labour as well as soft skills will all prove equally important. Each team’s section of the pipeline must interface with those before and after it. Prepare yourself for working on a small budget, with limited supplies and with strict safety standards. 


  • Encourages innovation
  • Develops trust
  • Promotes creativity
  • Utilises everybody's strengths, distributes responsibilities
  • Improves communication

Recommended combinations:

Perfect finale to any team building programme of your choice. When run on the grounds of Killary Adventure Centre it can be combined with a variety of land and water based adventure activities.