Killary Ropes Challenge Course

A rope challenge course 15 metres off the ground with lots of hair-raising elements to climb, jump & swing from.


Suitable for:

All those aged 8 years and over. Popular with schools and youth groups, stags and hens, families and corporate groups.

What it involves:

Includes many challenging elements such as balancing on cables, leaping for a swinging trapeze and climbing poles and cargo nets while high above the ground. While some participants are on the course others help with ropework from the ground. For the less daring the Low Ropes Challenge can get you started.                              

Recommended combinations:

Do it on its own as there are lots of elements to keep you busy or combine with Giant Swing or Zipwire. Make this a full day programme by adding a water-based activity for the second half of the day.                                   

What to bring:

Comfortable loose clothing, raingear, runners or boots. No jeans. Insect-repellant and suncream in the summer.

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I cannot believe I actually had the courage to do the Bungee! Between that and the High Ropes Course, what an amazing day.

Clare (Dublin)