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Jamie is the epitome of a salty old sea dog, with an almost mystical knack of finding what he calls ‘’interesting weather’’ and the rest of the crew refer to as gales. However, his experiences in both business and in remote corners of the world have been invaluable in developing a corporate training programme which actually delivers.

From a youth spent in Northern Ireland to formative years in northern Scotland and a lifetime spent involved in expeditions around the world, Jamie Young has an impressive CV. It includes single-handed sailing across the Atlantic, kayaking around Cape Horn in 1989 plus various other ‘trips’ all over the globe from Guinea Bissau to the South Pole expeditions. He is currently planning a return expedition to Greenland for 2017.

Jamie's Experience & Expeditions:

  • Relief Bosun Sail Training Ship 'Malcolm Miller'.
  • Worked in NW Scotland at a centre run by John Ridgway - Atlantic rower. Much sailing experience skippering a number of boats around the NW coast of Scotland.
  • 1972  Crew on winter sailing trip to Africa and Atlantic Islands. Recounted in book 'Storm Passage'.
  • 1976  Participant in Observer Single-handed Transatlantic Race. O.S.T.A.R. Took the proverbial 40 days and 40 nights to reach US. Youngest participant that year and also solo return,30 days.
  • 1977  Delivered the famous 'Jester' to US as honeymoon. Also sailed back on an American yacht.
  • 1977/79  Skipper of US racing yacht 'Ondine'. Globe trotting role racing throughout US, Pacific and Atlantic.
  • 1980  Started Little Killary Adventure Compnay Ltd.
  • 1987  Winner first Irish Adventure Marathon.
  • 1989  Leader of successful Irish Cape Horn Sea Kayak Expedition.
  • 1992  Leader of successful Guinea Bissau Sea Kayak Expedition.
  • 1988/1992-1998 Organiser of Gay Byrne Survival Week for RTE.
  • 1997  Member of 'South Aris' Sailing & Mountaineering team completing a re-enactment of Shackleton's epic boat trip from Elephant Island to South Georgia & a subsequent traverse of South Georgia.
  • 2002  Attempt to kite buggy back from S Pole. Ultimately unsuccessful but we tried!
  • 2006  Started www.gaelforcewest.ie adventure race in and around Westport Co Mayo. 850 participants in 2008 and planning for 3200 in 2010. Making it the largest multi discipline one day event in the world!
  • 2007  Participant 2 handed in www.azab.co.uk
  • 2008  Participant with 5 man team in www.threepeaksyachtrace.co.uk
  • 2012  Solo participant in 1st www.roundrockallrace.com as 60th celebration!
  • 2013  Created and led www.northofdisko.com to Greenland
  • 2015 Created and led North of Disko 2 back to Greenland