Giant Swing

Free fall from a height and feel the whoosh of adrenaline with our Giant Swing!


Suitable for:

All those aged 8 years and over. Popular with individuals, schools, youth groups, stags & hens and families.                     

What it involves:

Sitting in a comfortable harness you and your friend will be hoisted up to a height of 20 metres. From there it is a self-release system, you will pull the cord and free fall towards the ground with the momentum allowing you to swing back and forth.

Recommended combinations:

Works well with Killary Ropes Challenge Course or the Climbing Tower. Make this a full day programme by adding a water-based activity for the second half of the day.          

What to bring:

Comfortable loose clothing, raingear, runners or boots. No jeans. Insect-repellant and suncream in the summer.


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Just back from a weekend that included laser combats archery and giant swing, cheers guys will defo recommend this to friends, special thanks to christine our instructor