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Bushcraft & Survival Skills

Bushcraft & Survival Skills

Bushcraft is a popular term for wilderness survival skills! It is a fun and educational activity where you will learn Shelter building, fire making and much more! Bear Grylls or Megan Hine, which one are you? 




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Suitable for:

All those aged 8 years and over. Popular with schools and youth groups, summer camps, families and corporate groups.

What it involves:

Shelter building: Think you know how to build dens? Our instructors can show you tips andtricks for building concealed shelters that will keep you dry and warm, and camouflaged! Fire making: Learn how to make fire without matches, using only the materials you find in the woods. You will also learn about the local flora and fauna, what plants you can eat and importantly those you cannot eat, those that have medicinal uses etc.                              

What to bring:

Comfortable loose clothing, raingear, runners. Do not wear jeans. Insect-repellent and sun cream in the summer.


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