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Killary Fjord Challenge

Killary Fjord Challenge

This is the package that includes everything – adventure, exploration, team challenges and some well-earned relaxation. You will begin with a trip paddling open canoes along the Fjord before boarding the Connemara Lady catamaran for lunch and a relaxing sea cruise. Then it is back into the canoes and paddling (or racing if you fancy) back to Killary Adventure Centre’s pier. Stay focused though as there will be team building tasks and problem solving challenges along the way with a grand finale at the shore.


6 hours

Prices from





10am -5pm


Team bonding, interactive

Suitable for:

Moderate fitness level - your group will be paddling 4km in total in open canoes.

What is involved:

Rafting up pairs of open canoes you will paddle in teams of four from Killary Adventure Centre’s pier to the slipway of the Connemara Lady (2km). You will then go on board for a sightseeing tour of Killary Fjord and lunch. Then it is back into the canoe rafts for the journey back to the Killary pier, at leisure or at speed. Problem-solving tasks and challenges throughout the day will culminate in the grand finale on arriving back to the shore.


  • Improves communication
  • Encourages strategic planning
  • Promotes creativity
  • Builds trust
  • Provides enjoyment, relaxation and the chance to explore

* Lunch on Connemara Lady included (soup of the day or Killary chowder, freshly made sandwiches, tea/coffee)