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This is our most popular Summer Camp. Pack as much into their holiday as possible and give your child a taste of all that is exciting and wonderful about the Irish outdoors. It has everything – over 20 summer camp activities, fun, excitement, new experiences, learning and personal development. 

  • We offer 7 day Multi-Activity Summer Camps throughout June, July and August
  • Suitable for all those aged 10 - 16 years. 

Why stay the extra 2 nights?

On a Saturday afternoon we run the 'Ireland's Fittest Summer Camp' finale challenge. Our Turf Challenge course has featured on 'Irelands Fittest Family' over the last number of years and this gives grand finale gives the campers a second go at the Turf Challenge our most popular activity!

The Saturday nights evening programme is not to be missed and is celebration of the summer campers achievement over the week. It may be a disco, a camp fire on the beach or a movie & pop corn night!

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