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Mud, Water, Fire

Mud, Water, Fire

A fast-paced, entertaining adventure packed with exciting challenges that will have your team bonding from the start. In order to succeed they will have to help each other get through the Connemara mud, surmount obstacles and race rafts on the waters of Killary Fjord. The day finishes with a fire-starting contest to decide the winner.


3 hours

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Time needed:

3 hrs


Fun, competitive, challenging

Suitable for:

Adventurous and competitive groups who are looking for a fast-paced, team bonding programme. Moderate to high fitness level required.

What is involved:

Expect to be running through the energy-sapping Connemara bog, jumping into the pure waters of Killary Fjord and scrambling over many an obstacle put in your path! 

You will also be required to build a raft from barrels, ropes and planks. Once the raft is sea-worthy you will launch it on Killary Fjord and paddle it in a race against the opposing teams.

Upon your return to the shore a new challenge awaits. Let’s hope you don’t get your fire starter kit wet while racing the rafts as the first fire to reach and burn through the string wins the day. 


  • Builds trust
  • Raises morale, creativity and efficiency
  • Utilises everybody's strengths, distributes responsibilities
  • Improves communication