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Adrenaline Addicts

Adrenaline Addicts

This is pure exhilaration from start to finish. However working together and encouraging each other are the only ways to succeed. Leaving your comfort zone behind will open your mind to new experiences and greater potential.


4 hours

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Time needed:

4 hrs


Fun, team bonding, challenging

Suitable for:

Anyone with an adventurous spirit; all fitness levels.

What is involved:

The adrenaline starts with a variety of elements of our High Ropes Course. This could include jumping for the trapeze, climbing the Jacobs Ladder with help from a buddy or balancing together on the tiny All Aboard platform.

Next up is the Giant Swing where in pairs you will release the break and experience the drop and swing from the highest point. This is grown-up fun!

As if that was not enough we have the perfect finale – Sky Fall. You will traverse a 40 meter rope suspension bridge before stepping off into a 60ft shaft wearing a full body harness. After free falling for 40ft a gradual deceleration will see you land softly on the ground.


  • Brings participants outside their comfort zones in a safe, controlled environment
  • Fun and exciting
  • Builds trust
  • Improves communication
  • Removes your team from the familiar