These last two weeks have been a bit of a blur as everything seems to have caught up with me at the one time.  Last week I went up to Dublin to attend a Failte Ireland training program aimed at improving my managerial skills, not really  my idea of an interesting week but actually quite interesting in seeing what I can still learn, which is a lot.  This was a two day course and then I returned to Killary to put back together the wind Turbine which has been down for the last 3 months.

                The wind turbine was awaiting new hinges and Yaw rollers.  These allow both the turbine head to swivel and also the hinges allow the blades to feather backwards thus releasing the wind of the blades when it gets too strong.  All done after a long day at it and then we put it back up, and there is no wind for a week!! Typical.  We wait a week for wind and then it still doesnt go around, turns out there is a short in the power cable somewhere so I have to go and take it down all over again.  These alternative energy ideas are brilliant when they work but very frustrating when they dont.

                We finished the Wind turbine at around Lunchtime and then we headed of to take the Killary Flyer of the water, after a long summers adventureing it was time for her to come ashore and rest for the winter.  Hopefully the winter refit will stretch to new hatches as there was definetly a few leaks on the way up to Greenland.  Finished this at about 11 o'clock at night when we pulled the boat up the slipway.  She is now sitting high and dry on the beach at the water site here in Killary until next spring.  Got up the next morning to be faced with an unusual problem, due to all the dry weather the dam supplying water to the changing rooms was low and subsequently sucking in air and creating an airlock.  SO before the All Ireland I spent all the morning fixing the water, settled down to watch Mayo and Dublin in the afternoon which proved to be less than relaxing.

                Then last week we started to put up our Geodesic dome, a really cool project which I found very interesting build.  It will provide us with a very neat temporary structure to use with all our parties and school groups.  A nice big dry area to enable us to have fun in the evenings with the rain.  It required a number of different skills one of which was a head for heights, as when we were putting the cover on we had to clamber over the roof which is high at almost 8 metres.  Lucky all our climbing training came into force as we used our rock skills to tie ourselves in and move around safely.  IT is now up and ready and waiting its first use.

Onto this week which will involve taking the wind turbine back down and also testing the paintball in Killary. I'll report back in next Wednesday, until then lets hope that the American budgetary close down won't affect us too much.