Well its certainly living up to its name as I look out the window at the moment.  Blowing a gale from the South west and even though we are mostly protected from this direction by a couple of mountains we are still seeing the sea moving  around a lot.  If you had been in the west of Ireland over the last month you would have seen the Wild Atlantic Way at its most spectacular. Rough seas followed by a few beautiful calm days, it is the mixture of the two that allows us to really appreciate the both of them. Wild weather is better for appreciating the wonderful castles and history that covers the land.  Meanwhile the lovely sunshine and calm weather is perfect for enjoying all the treats that the Connemara coastline has to offer.  From crystal clear water to perfect kiteboarding weather it all looks pretty amazing when the sun is out.

                Unfortunately the last week has been a pretty bad one on my training for the Connemara mountain round (I need a proper name for my 100km 10000m run in the hills, please send me on ideas).  I was doing sprints on the beach on Monday and managed to get a slight tear in my calf, this has put my training back about a week but thinking it is okay for a late night cycle tonight.  Nothing like cycling into a Gale to put hairs on your chest/ prove your slightly obsessed.  If that is ruled out due to calf well then it will be back to core workouts in the gym.  Getting fed up of these now and counting down the days until the end of the month and the clocks going forward.  Roll on long evenings and training until the sun goes down.

                In other news I have been off giving talks on my Greenland expedition to various schools around the West and Dublin.  It has been interesting to note the amount of teachers and schools who now use the outdoors to positively influence the lives of their students.  Great to see and I hope this is a trend that continues to grow and grow.  It is interesting to note that the students' initial reaction is, not another talk, this takes a couple of minutes to get over and then I usually have them so enthused by the end that they are asking when the next trip is.

Again any ideas on names for run to me on the Killary Facebook page or through @killarygroup