My friends always ask me what the attraction is of living where we do out in the middle of the countryside in one of the wettest places in Europe.  However to the people who work in Killary and call Leenane home there is something special about this little piece of Ireland.

We know we are a bit rough round the edges and that we are not the sort of place you come to if you want to get your nails painted or your backs massaged.  Here we are about getting out and about whether it is torrential rain or the sun is splitting the stones.  We get our sense of fulfilment from going out into the great outdoors, from climbing a mountain, kayaking a river or going swimming in the fjord.    These little things give us enjoyment than going on Facebook or looking at videos of other people doing these things.  Come summer or winter we will still be enjoying our surrounds and making the most of this amazing playground.

Yes mobile phone reception isn't the best and sometimes we lose internet for days at a time, sometimes we even lose water and power.  However we love this little place we call home and  don't think we would trade it for anywhere else in the world.  Technology is slowly taking over our lives yet here we find that we can leave it behind, as for some reason none of it likes getting wet and muddy.

What we offer you in Killary is the chance to create cool stories, to talk about the stag do when your friend jumped of a bungy.  To remember that summer you spent in Killary being towed along by a speedboat of overcoming  your fear of heights on our 20m high climbing tower and learning how to reconnect with the natural wonders of summer in Ireland.  This enjoyment of the great outdoors will stay with you for many a year to come

So here's to Dancing in the rain, singing in the sunshine, falling in the water, getting covered in mud, being scared but overcoming it, leaving our screens behind and enjoying the wondrous backdrop that nature is giving us.