I have been quiet this last month but mainly due to the amazing weather we have been having I have not been very inclined to sit down in front of the computer but you can only put it off for so long.

My #18summit challenge has had to be postponed until the first week in July.  This is my challenge to run 18 summits in Connemara from Mwellrea round the Maum Turks and onto the twelve Bens.  The plan was to do it this week but with all the training my Achilles tendon flared up and I was off running for two weeks.  However I had a couple of successful runs this week and I'm feeling like it is all coming back to me.  Nothing like a run up the mountains when you can see everything around you and you have to jump in the odd stream/ pond to try and regulate your temperature. 

Other than that we have been putting in a grass area up the back of the centre to be used as a play area for kids.  I planted it with grass seed two weeks ago and already it is sporting a green tinge of early growth.  It gives you an idea of how hot everything is here that the grass has literally shot up in such a short period of time.  The down side is that I have had to start watering the whole lawn to get the grass growing.  Its a big lawn and a small watering can so I am in the strange position of actually looking for a bit of rain.  Not too much though just enough to give the grass a bit of growing.

I also finally got my barbeque built, I copied a design I had seen in Argentina previously and even though it looks a bit shabby it is going to produce some spectacular meals.  The idea is to light the fire in the small side area on top of the rails.  This then burns down and the hot coals fall into the bottom section.  You then collect these and send them across to the other side where they provide heat for the cooking, thus giving you a regulated temperature and some slow cooked meat .

I am away in Donegal all next week getting ready for Gaelforce North but the plan is to post a blog from up there so it will be a little bit different.