Forgive me but it has been two weeks since my last blog.  I wish I could say this was due to all the fun I was having but it has actually been a very busy couple of weeks here in Killary.  Ever since my return from Morocco it has been nose to the grindstone days.  We are having a lovely May so far with lots of kids in the centre and even that rarest of rare things, blue skies in Connemara.

                The week after I returned we had the Connemara Adventure Challenge which is an adventure race based around the hills and roads of the locality.  This requires that the week leading up the race is based simply upon getting the course set up, sorting Kayaks, setting up bike racks and putting up marquees.  All in a week's work.  The hard part of this was that the engines in all three of our powerboats were giving issues during the week as I took them for a test spin.  Luckily our friends in Inland Inflatable's in Sligo, were able to help us out.  The main reason for the issue was dirty petrol, supposedly a more common problem now due to the changing make up of petrol.  Not nice to hear and as outboard engines get more sophisticated this will become more and more of an issue I think.

                On the fun front it hasn't been all bad as got out for the first dinghy sail of the year last night, a beautiful spin as the sun was setting in the evening and it was blowing about 15 knots.  This after a quick run up the hill behind the centre.  With the long stretch in the evenings it is brilliant for squeezing in all the adventure we can.  The plan is to go out and go camping for the night on one of the offshore islands, this is as long as the weather clears up a bit.  I don't like camping in the rain, which does limit the days we can go but make the most of the nice days.

                My phone was in for repair over the last two weeks, and to anybody who has to do without your phone you know how annoying this stuff is.  However this got me thinking over the bits of equipment / technology I have broken over the last year - 1 Garmin gps watch, three pairs of shoes, four smartphones, three watch faces broken,  one dry suit, one gopro, one canon 5od, one bent plastic kayak, one lost paddle, two waterproof jackets this is not an exhaustive list but in my defence I think the stuff wasn't made to last. 

                With regards to my 18 summits challenge everything is progressing along although as it gets closer I think of the magnitude of what I am taking on.  It is not just going to be a normall run but rather 24 hours of solid mental pain and questioning.  As somebody older and wiser than me said 'There becomes a stage where it progresses from a physical challenge to a mental challenge and this is the territory that I am about to enter.  This week is going to be a big planning week as i figure out where the food drops are going to be and what exactly I am going to eat.

                Again should anyone wish to talk you can get me on twitter @killarygroup .

P.s. I am very knowledgeable on companies customer service if you need advice