This June my plan is to run over 18 peaks in Connemara encompasing over 100km of distance and up to 9000m of ascent in less than 24 hours.  Why you ask? Well I am firmly of the opinion that a goal is not worth striving for unless you are pushing yourself well out of your comfort zone.  Every year I like to give myself a challenge that I am not sure I can succeed in, what I mean by that is something that forces you to dig deep and use everything you have in the pursuit of a worthy aim.  I have never run for longer than 50km before and I have no idea how the distance or running through the night is going to affect me.  There are so many unknowns that it is hard to plan for them all, simple things like making sure I have enough food and water become tasks in logistics.  Not wanting to have to do all the map reading myself I am hoping to drag different friends and family in at different stages to run different climbs with me and help me stay on track.

                I suppose the inspiration for this has come from the Bob Graham round in the lake district in the UK which every year inspires runners from all over the UK to try and beat Joss Naylors record from the 70's.  It is a must do run on any aspiring fell runners list and a real challenge.  The route I am trying to my knowledge has never been done before and therefore makes it a bit more of a challenge, along with the unpredictable weather and the lack of trails in pretty much all the mountains I will be running.  Below will give you a good indication of route but there are a few small adjustments to it as I have decided to finish in Letterfrack with a spin down Diamond hill so that anybody can come and run with me on the last hill. If you want any more information you can contact me on @killlarygroup