The last week in Killary has been a productive one as the main part of the season comes to a close and we arrive in to our shoulder season.  While we are not closed it is the hardier souls amongst you who come out west for entertainment and adventure in the winter months.  While most people are content to stay in Dublin and watch Ireland take on Australia or New Zealand in the rugby, others are seeking out the big rivers and high mountains of connemara.  The Wild Atlantic has certainly lived up to its name this week with a succession of gales.  Although woke up this morning and the wind had stopped to be replaced by a dusting of snow/ice on the top of Mweelrea and the Bens.

                Despite all this bad weather the rivers of Connemara are less than full at the moment leading to a mass exodus to the Bull Uisce river in Spiddal, due to the release of the dam there was guaranteed white water for the day and so we headed off to avail of it.  It was great to see as almost 50 people were in the car park getting suited for a run down the river.  After a quick change we were amongst the first on to the river and succeeded in practising a few rescues and also going down a few waterfalls the right way up and swimming down a few more. Good day all in all. 

The previous morning had presented itself as a lovely dry but windy day. The problem with this being that no matter what way you face in Connemara the wind always seems to be in your face.  SO we set of for a quick 60k round circuit whereupon we found a 55k headwind, the downwind leg being the first 5k at the start.  All was going well until we hit the Connemara traffic, shot our time to bits but nice to see all the same.  The evening was a bit cold but we went ahead with our barbeque and cooked an entire lamb on a spit, lovely flavour on it and we have been eating it all this week.

Finally Ill leave you with a couple of photos of the beautiful Connemara landscapes in the winter.


You stay classy Connemara