Last week we had one of our busiest weeks of the year with almost a hundred kids on summer camp, and Gaelforce West which is our biggest race of the year for just over 1700 people.  As I only got back from Expeditioning in Greenland last SUnday it was straight back into it.  As I was really busy everything seemed to be going wrong at the same time, as one of our instructors, who shall remain nameless, poured petrol into the hydraulic fuel reservoir on the winch for our giant swing.  Not too hard to fix but definetely not what I needed during a rather busy week.  The following day went to start one of the boat engines and water had got into the oil so again pushed me back a couple of hours.  Luckly I had brought the sun back from Greenland with me so we had a great week of it. 

                Come Wednesday night I was in need of some rest and relaxation so with Reinaldo and Dougal (two instructors in Killary) I went of to the Clifden hole.  This is a wave that forms on Spring tide as all the water tries to rush through under a small arch under the road into a big tidal pool.  It is a great spot to practise a bit of surfing and after being in the Artic circle the water felt really warm.  We arrived there at eight and stayed until we lost the light at 10.30, great way to  chill out. 

                After that the week was busy but enjoyable, every time I went near the water I saw the Kids jumping of the trampolies which have arrived since I was away.  They look really impressive and you cant miss them, just wait until you come to see the sheer size of them.  I havent used them myself yet but hopefully one evening I will get a chance.

All for this week but next week looks to be busy as we have our first ever wedding in Killary on the last weekend in August!