The last week has been an interesting one as we had our annual Great Fjord swim ( www.the ) on Saturday last.  Almost 500 people came west to take part in this amazing picturesque swim in Ireland's only fjord.  It was a great day as the water temperature is as warm as it ever is in Connemara. The competitors jumped off the ferry 2km from the shore and then had a route back down the middle of the fjord. Luckily we had timed it so that they were swimming with the tide, unluckily we couldn't turn the wind around so there was an easterly into their faces the whole way in.  This meant that all the times were a couple of minutes down on last year, such are the vagrancies of adventure in the West.  The finish line was well received as was the bonfire and marshmallows for all the competitors.  

                The last week has been the most clement October I can remember, the garden is still producing which is unheard of for this time of year.  We have also had lots of school groups coming in over the last week which has been amazing as they get to take advantage of this lovely October.  In other news we have added a new obstacle to our Turf Guy course and here is a quick look at it - The Great Wall of Connemara 


Thats all for this week and back to business as we go back and digest the budget