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Spanish Language Adventure Summer Camp


Our Spanish Language Summer Camp at Killary is based around experiencing the best of outdoor adventure activities through a foreign language. Our camp mixes fun and activity with classroom sessions to give the perfect balance. It is activity based, so children need to be up for being outdoors and active. 

A conversational Spanish element is included to build confidence in speaking the language. Each day the children will take part in an activity-driven programme with Spanish speaking instructors. There will also be 1.5 hours of conversational Spanish classes in the evenings from Monday to Thursday each week of the camp. 

In 2022 there will be 2 Spanish Language Summer Camps running:

  • 12th - 26th June 2022  (2 week camp)
  • 17th - 24th July 2022  (1 week camp)

Our Spanish Language summer camp is suitable for teenagers aged 13 - 15 years (secondary school students) who are in the junior cert cycle.

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