My regular readers will have noticed that my blog was unfortunately absent last week. Apologies for this but this was due to my brief trip across the water to Chamonix for a late season ski trip, we ended up being very lucky and there was a dump of snow the day before we arrived and this managed to last until we left on Sunday morning.  Chamonix was an interesting experience, apart from the high prices, it was interesting to note that it has become the centre of the trail running revival.  Leading on from its location and the famous Ultra trail de Mount Blanc there is a plethora of trail running shops and  even this early in the season there was a number of people running up where the ski lifts were. Unfortunately I was having trouble with my calf the night before as I was running up the hill behind the centre.  Although after looking at the trails over there I am trying to organise a long weekend trip back there.

                Meanwhile back in Ireland we arrived back into splitting sunshine and eating outside on the deck.  When the sun is shining there is no better place in the world, as we have all these beautiful trails and mountains on our doorstop.  I also went for my first open water  swim of the year, well wrapped up with wetsuit, hat and booties even with all this it was a bit cold so I only lasted about half an hour before escaping the cold.  Now this weekend we are off to Dublin to help organise the Bray cliff run with our sister company Gaelforce Events.  Don't think I will have many weekends to myself for a while!

                Big excitement this weekend as I am heading up to Achill to go and get a kite surf lesson from Pure Magic.  I purchased two kites as the deal was too good to pass up and now have to go and learn how to use them, getting quite excited for this.  Although how I am going to fit in a new  sport to my free time I don't know.

                With regards to my training for the 100km mountain run, which I am going to start calling the 18Summits.  After a slight scare with my calf last week I am back on the mountains after my weeks snow boarding, seems to have cleared up the tightness and given me a boost.  Now with the long evenings it is brilliant to be able to head out after work for a couple of hours and still come home in the light.  Big plans are to head out on Easter weekend to run the Maum Turks from Leenane.  The record is around 6 hours from Leenane to Maum so hopefully I will threaten this.