After almost 2 months away Expeditioning in Greenland it was a quick return to action in Killary.  Arriving back on Sunday I got a couple of hours rest before I had a phone call to say that the water wasn't working properly and that I had to come and fix some bits and pieces in the centre.  So far last week I have changed the oil in an outboard, helped bring together Gaelforce west, fixed a trailer, caught up on all my emails, been river paddling in clifden, took a trip in a powerboat, tried to go cycling but failed due to lack of time and even had time for some sleep.


Everyone asks me if I am happy to be home and back in action in Killary.  I say of course as it is great to go off and do these expeditions but sometimes it is nice to come back to what you know and what makes you tick.  Working in Killary is a constant challenge and I enjoy the uncertantity with which I great each day.  So it is so long to icebergs, Whales and Polar bears and back to my present rality which is mountains, fjords and the thrill of introducing people to a new adventure evrey day.