Its that time of the year where most people batten down the hatches and retreat inside to the gym or cuddle up in front of the fire.  If the outdoors is your game though you dont let pesky weather get in the way of your passion.  To inspire you here is a list of my top 6 outdoor books by people who jut couldn't say no to going over that next hill

1.   Touching the Void - Joe Simpson

What more can be said about it, one of the quintessential books on mountaineering and a gripping account of what befell Joe on a mountain high in the Andes.  He fell of the edge of a cliff and was left for dead by his partner, defying all odds Joe Simpson crawled his way out of the mountains and back to survival

2. Outward bound - Challenge of words

Not so much a novel as a collection of sayings and quotes from the pupils of the New Zealand Outward Bound school.  It has amazing relevance to all facts of live and a quick skim of it will drag up something to move you forward.

3. High Endeavours- the life and times of Miles and Beryl Smeethon  - Miles Clark

A interesting story about the travels of one of life's more interesting couples , he stole her away from a senior office in the British army in India and she lead him onwards to a life of travel and exploration.  From crossing China to sailin the world this is a story about the ''will to do, the soul to dare''

4. - A selection of books by John Ridgeway

John Ridgeway has lead a life of adventure in the north of Scotland.  from setting up his own adventure centre to rowing the Atlantic and sailing solo around the world.  He has lived a full live and he has quite a few books about the various expeditions he has been on, an old school adventurer.

5. Dougal Haston - The philosophy of risk.

One I read as a young lad, the story of one of Scotlands most famous climbers, he set up routes all over Scotland, the Alps and the Himalyas.  Never one to fit in with the establishment his story is the story of doing things his way.

6. Don Whillians - The Villian

A contemporary of Hastons, Don was a character of high renown in Engliah climbing circles.  Famous for his climbing in England and the Alps where he put up a number of new routes, specialising in the especially difficult ones.  As much about his climbing as his larger than life personality.


A bonus piece on Patagonia - It explains a lot about why I choose to shop with them and why it is worth it.