Every time I have sat down to do this blog over the last couple of days I have been dragged away to deal with another issue.  Don't feel bad for me though the most pressing of these was that I had to go and check out the route of the Gaelforce sky run, a new 22km race through the mountains of connemara.  

                 I have the route almost sorted now so all I need to do is go and talk to the local farmers to see if they will allow us to go and use this spectacular route.  You can see from the photos below that it was a bit misty and out of 5 mountain top peaks I was only able to see the sky on one of them.  It is days like these that are almost out of this world.  Once I hit about 200m I was encased in fog and couldn't see more than 50 ft in front of me.  You are encased in a little world with a vauge idea of where you are but still relying on the fence line to get you back down to sea level.  I think it is a beautiful run and really want to make it happen to show of the stunning area we have here.

                I was also working on the Proven wind turbine that has been down at the centre since it was hit by lightening back in May.  It has been a long process but the blades have been repaired and now it is ready to go back up, I have a machine coming in on Saturday morning to pull it up and then hopefully free energy will start appearing, literally out of thin air.  It has been a frustrating process but I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. 

                Myself and Ali also got a chance to take our K2 out or an inaugural spin as we started training for the DW next year.  It was a momentous day but we managed to stay upright, which is a good start, and there is now a slow burn of excitement  as Easter weekend is now firmly fixed in the mind along with all the other great plans that are brewing in Killary.  From Greenland to the hills of Connemara we try to keep trying new things here in Killary.  If you are lookin gfor a little bit of adventure over the winter months then why not give us a ring i nthe office to see what we can offer you to keep you active through the bad weather.


Until next week