Here in Connemara winter has definitively arrived and the temperature has dropped a couple of degrees over the last weeks.  This is actually nice for a change as there is something beautiful about those crisp clear winter mornings when everything feels so close.  It is also an incentive to work hard outside and build up a sweat.  My evenings are being spent splitting timber for both my own house and for the biomass boiler, I find it quite therapeutic to split wood for an hour after work as it turns of the mind quite nicely and relaxes the body.

                Winter is also the time when we do a lot of work in the K2 accommodation block from painting rooms to laying new floors and fixing all the small breakages you don't see throughout the year.  It is nice to see the rooms being brought back to their resplendent best and ready for clients again.  In saying this we are still open throughout the year and have a number of groups coming in over November and December.  We even have an inter-county hurling team coming up for a day's activities so it will be good to see if they can handle the rigours of Connemara in winter.

                My training is starting to ramp up again for next year.  Along with the Devizes to Westminster race I have also committed to cycling Malin to Mizen in sub 24 hrs with a group of friends from Connemara and Wexford.  This means I have to train both on the water and off for the next 4 months as Kayak is first week of April and cycle is last week so looking forward to it already.  At present 3 days a week on the bike and 2 days on the kayak so lucky I enjoy time spent outside over the winter.  I did have a brief moment on Tuesday night where I questioned my sanity as the rain was coming in horizontal on the top of the sky road coming out of Clifden.  Out in the kayak tonight before getting ready for the festivities over the weekend.

                 Mona our General Manager is getting married to a very lucky man Mark Bonner on Saturday.  Everyone at the centre is looking forward to it and wishing them all the best for this special weekend.  Hopefully it rains this weekend so that we can get in a quick paddle down a river but otherwise we will be busy enjoying ourselves.