The last week in Killary has been a busy one as the annual transition year crazy season is now upon us.  The Kings Hospital from Dublin arrived in on Sunday evening and are here until Wednesday, theirs is an annual pilgrimage west as they are now in their 8th year of coming to us and still have a great time.  Their teachers were even seen to be following them around on the Turf Warrior course.  It is great to see the interaction between teachers and students in such a relaxed setting, I think that it is on trips such as this that the pupils come to realise that teachers can be fun too.  WE send our best wishes out to all the transition years from Kings Hospital and others around the country as they get ready to recieve their Junior cert results today!

                On other news we are coming into the closing stages of setting up new activities in Killary.  It is highly classified and top secret so I cant reveal what it is. However the forest site has been set up and all the ground works are done and all we are waiting for now is the hardware which is arriving in from America via England.  Unfortunately this is the only thing that we can't control and therefore it seems to be causing me more headaches than anything.   Stay tuned to this blog and our facebook page to follow the development of it all and see the changes we are making.  Alongside this new activity we are also in the process of adding to our existing turf Warrior course, the new installations are again shrouded in secrecy as they are a surprise for the race our sister company Gaelforce Events . However here a few sneak previews of the ground works for the new obstacles.

                During the week we were also happy to receive Clontarf rugby club, in preparation for the new season of AIL division 1 rugby they were down doing a bit of team bonding.  Despite a heavy night in Galway on Friday they showed up on Saturday morning full of beans ready for the Turf Warrior course.  About 2 hours later they finished by jumping into the sea and coming back to the centre re invigorated and ready for more.  We wish them well and hope that the trip away helps them overcome the hump of finishing in the top 4 for the last three years.