Due to a collection of January trips I have been unable to update my blog over the last 3 weeks but I have finally got a chance to sit down and collect my thoughts.  It has been a different type of month starting off on the 5th of January with my participation in a swift water rescue course down in Graignemanagh, near Kilkenny.  5 days of jumping in the rivers of Kilkenny and Wicklow were a great way to start the year.  Quite interesting as we looked at pulling people out of rivers and rescuing people out of dams/cars and Kayaks. 

                If you read my last post you will know that the Killary Flyer took a tumble over the winter, in the bad storms.  It was a bit of a mission to right it but with the help of Tom Moran and his team in Clew Bay boats we were able to get it upright.  We had to import railway sleepers from Clare to construct a road out to the boat.  Then we drove a 40ton crane along this road to beside the boat where we proceeded to lift her p right with the use of chain blocks and some fine adjustments.  This took up most of the day and then we had to weld a new trailer in place as the old one had been bent and broken.  Long hours, and many cups of teas later, she was back on level ground again.   Now all we need to do is get her to a yard to get repaired.  this should be interesting so stay tuned for updates.

                Followed this up with some great runs up the mountains as we were lucky to get a bit of snow which only lasted about 2 days but over the weekend so all was not lost.  Quick suit up and we were in the hills with only the dog for company, surprisingly no one else taking advantage of it and the hills of Connemara to myself. 

                Also new plans are afoot in Killary with two big challenges planned for the new year.  Stay tuned next week as I tell you my plans for a new 'round' in the Connemara hills and also what Jamie Young is doing to celebrate the new year.