Moving boats

This last week in Killary has mainly been obsessing about the weather and wheter it would be possible to launch the Killary flyer and take her into Westport to be repaired.  This is a four stage process, 

                Stage one involved lowering the boat down the slipway at low tide so that when the tide comes in she will float off and away we go.  Sounds easy but complicated by the fact that high spring tides on the West coast are always early in the morning.  This meant we have to lower the boat down the slipway at 1 in the morning, and after its little spill over the winter the trailer was giving us a lot of grief.  Finshed at 2 we went of to bed before back up at 6 for stage two

                 This involved towing the boat across the harbour to another pier as the tide was still rising.  Made more interesting when the prop shaft started leaking.  My first experience on a sinking ship, and hopefully my last.  Lucky we had a wooden bung on board and after a quick scramble to find it we stopped the leak after only letting in couple hundred liters of water.

                Stage three involved taking down the mast and lying it across the top of the deck, then lifting the boat out of the water and onto a waiting trailer made by Tom and his team in Clew Bay boats.  All in all a successful day that was finished by lunchtime.  We are now awaiting stage 4 which is to transport said trailer to Westport for repair. 

                In other news those of you looking for a Valentines weekend away, why not check out our offers in Killary.  Instead of a fancy dinner why not treat her to a bungy jump or a run around the Turf Warrior course, as recommended by Irelands fittest families and Shay Mitchell

                As the rain keeps on coming down in Ireland we cant help but smile here in Killary as the local rivers fill up and the kayaking options just keep getting better and better. Until next week.