You know the start of Spring comes and you are just waiting to hear your first Cuckoo because then you know it is actually getting warmer.  I always seem to keep missing them until finally this week I managed to hear my first one on Sunday afternoon.  Once you hear the first one then it is all you hear for the next month. 

                On Sunday we had our first staff party in a little bar called ' The Larches ' in Finney, if you haven't been here then I would recommend a trip into the Finney valley.  Made famous by the Maum Trasna murders all those years ago.  It is a stunning setting and one of its plus points is that there is no mobile phone reception so you actually have to talk to your friends.  We took all our staff over for a BBQ followed by some dancing and trad music.  Lovely way to spend a Sunday.

                This was following on from a couple of busy weeks in the centre as we have been keeping up with educating the young minds of Ireland in the delights of the outdoors and nature.  With schools from all over the country coming in it takes a good bunch of people to keep things running smoothly and we feel that the group of people that we have here at the moment are up for the task

                On the environmental side our Ridan composting unit has been churning through a large amount of food waste.  Up on 200 litres a week when we are busy however it is interesting to see the process in action.  Food waste goes in every day with added wood pellets to help the process of maturation start off.  This then spends up to 3/4 weeks passing through the machine before it comes out the far side dry and crumbly.  We reckon in about 2 months time we should have the finest of compost.  The wind turbine has been a bit quieter as we have only produced 807 KWh in April which is good and bad.  It means summer might actually be arriving however we don't get free energy.  At this stage though we appreciate the sunshine.