it has been a long winter but finally the sun is back shining in Connemara.  The clouds have lifted and every morning this week I have been able to wake up and look out my window to see Mweelrea from my bedroom.  It makes a change from all those grey days when Summer seemed so far away.   Couple of days of Sunshine and we tend to get very excited here!!

                We had our first race of the year last week almost 200 people coming to do a trail run through the Maum Turk mountains.  It was blowing a gale the day before and the day after but we actually got a stunning day for the race itself.  Snow / sleet on top but crystal clear views of every mountain range in Connemara.  The twelve bens, Mweelrea, Sheefry mountains and of course Killary Fjord. (link here to see photos)

                Last week we also took a trip to Dublin where we received a prize from the Small Firms Association of Ireland, they were sufficiently impressed by our sustainability efforts to award us with a Highly Commended prize as we strive ever forwards towards our goal of beign Carbon neutral by 2020.  On This front our wind Turbine has produced over 5400 kwh of electricity over the last 3 months, this is the average consumption of one household over the entire year so we know it is working.  On the Green side of the business we have also just bought a Ridan composter, this will allow us to compost all of our food waste and turn it into plant food.  This time next year there will be no end to the amount of plants and flowers growing around the centre.

                Finally Kayaking and running are going well, as I train towards my 100km race in teh Alps in August I am increasing my mileage, training up to 6 times a week allows for lots of early mornings ad sun rises and sun sets (when the sun rises).  Kayaking on the fjord is getting nicer and nicer as you can now go out for a paddle without putting on 5/6 different layers.   Now it is almost just one layer as you paddle down the fjord.