I have never been accused of being religous, Stephen Fry and I wouldn't have widely diverging views.  Therefore while people look at Lent as a period of time where they need to serve penance for their indulgences throughout the year, I look upon it as a period where one should take up something new and learn a new skill or trick. 

So this year instead of giving up chocolate or the drink, why not take up something new as it is a great chance to find something different to do.  New Year's resolutions are going out the door and with spring just around the corner it is a chance to take advantage of the longer evenings and that little extra bit of light makes a huge difference. Instead of starting your evening kayak in the dark you are actually able to see for the first part of training.  Likewise when you go for your evening run in the hills you are able to take advantage of the light to go that little bit faster.  So this year for Lent take up kayaking, wood turning, singing, bungee jumping or something that takes you out of your comfort zone. 

In other news here in the centre we got a good deal on Postman Pat's old van and we now have it in Killary as vehicle to move stuff around our different sites.  It is our first electric vehicle and we are very interested in seeing how it works out over the summer months.  See below for pictures.

Finally what's rare is wonderful and at the moment if you have a gander at the Irish Mountain Running Association website here you can see that I am leading the males Winter league and my sister Kim is leading the ladies.  IMRA is a great organisation for those in Dublin wishing to get there first taste of hill running before they come out west to try the big stuff.