After a busy couple of months in early 2016 it was time for a break.  Not for me the normal sun , sea and sand holiday, I felt the need for altitude.  To this end I decided to take a paragliding holiday to the south of Spain, to a lovely little village of Algodonales in Andalucia.  It was a week long course which was designed to get you from absolute beginner to flying solo in as short a time as possible.

                Arriving in on Sunday we got our first tandem flight on the beach following a ridge along the coast for an hour of soaring.  This just whetted the appetite and the next day we were put up solo, it was a beautiful soaring in the thermals with the birds.  After a couple of little scares it was off to keep flying. During the week we were sent off on progressively longer flights until the last 2 last two days when we spent up to 40 minutes in the air literally looking at the birds below.

                Back in the centre our green movement moved on apace with the installation of our very own Ridan composter. This will enable us to process 400 litres of food waste per week into lovely rich compost.  By the end of the summer expect Killary to be covered abundantly in flowers and new trees.  Other than this we will be hopefully selling to the general public later on in the year so keep your ears open for Killary branded compost.

                Finally with the Grand stretch in the evenings the sunsets are starting to come back.  Lets hope the snow will leave now and we cans start to welcome in the end of Spring and the start of Summer.  St. Patricks day and Easter are behind us and roll on the May bank Holiday weekend