Finally the good weather has arrived in Connemara, combined with a full moon this has meant some stunning sunsets and bright nights over the last week.  It is great to see everything start to look a bit greener and everyone start to smile a bit more.

                Last weekend was a busy one as we were up in Dublin organising a race for Gaelforce Events, the Bray 10km Cliff Run which starts in Greystones and finishes in Bray is in its third year and this year had almost 500 competitors.  It's nice to run a race somewhere like this for a change, in the middle of suburbia but still a nice bit of exposed running.  Race was on Saturday and then it was a quick spin back home so that we could head up to Achill for a kite surfing lesson.  Been waiting for this one for a while and it was great to get the first lesson.  It was quite basic and all about the safety set up and the other things such as body dragging and depowering the kite.  Needless to say we were pretty good at the whole thing, and by the end we were flying around the place. 

                With regards to training for my 18 summit run things were looking good last week, a couple of good sessions.  Although I managed to come off my bike on Wednesday morning and scrape the side of my hip and also give my ankle a big bang.  I was off for a few days but managed to get back running by Sunday and put in a solid 3 hour stint in the hills.  It was a bit windy but worth it as the sun came out for the last couple of kms.  Plan is to do the Maum Turks on Saturday this week depending on weather so check back next week to see how I get on.

                Last night was spent building my 'parillia', a barbeque following the design that they use in Argentina.  Following on from my experience over there I am putting something together, about 80 % of the way there now and just need to finalise the last bits of it.  I have never welded anything before so it is a good project to get me started.