The Killary bursary was started in 2016 as a way of giving something back to the Adventure community in Ireland.  It is a financial grant towards the costs of an expedition that furthers expeditioning in Ireland and inspires the next generation of adventurers to head of into the great unknown.  For 2016 we chose Michal Dzikowski and his trek up the frozen Zanskir river in the Chadar valley in Northern India.  There is a selection of photos here of the trip and some videos on our Facebook page if you are interested in seeing a bit more of what went on.

          The purpose of the expedition it to try and document the region before global warming and cultural shifts change the regions into something different.  Mike has worked for us for 2 years now photographing our events all over the country.  His love of photography and his zest for life are some of the things that strike you as soon as you meet him.  We are very happy that we were able to facilitate Mike in his expeditions.  For a quick bio of Mikes previous expeditions and awards keep reading below.

Photographer for advertising campaigns of Rab, Lowe Alpine and Quest brands.


Moscow International Photography Awards MIFA 2014 - Honourable mention

Moscow International Photography Awards MIFA 2016 - Honourable mention



Nanga Dream 2015/16 expedition photographer - another summit attempt of Nanga Parbat




Nanga Dream 2013/14 expedition photographer - summit attempt of Nanga Parbat

(8126m) - ninth highest mountain in the World.



Chiribiquette Expedition Photographer (Leader Maciej Tarasin) exploration and discovery of ancient

Indian rock paintings in Colombian Chiribiquette National



Guyana - A month in Amazon jungle living with Indians. . Ethnography and survival.


2011- Northern Norway above the Northern Circle - 2nd World War wreck diving and exploration expedition


2010 Papua New Guinea - exploratory diving and ethnography.



Numerous, solo trekking expeditions to the Sahara desert