Killary Adventure Company has what you might call a 'wild child' thirst for adventure at its core, a desire to push boundaries, set new challenges and discover what's possible on the way to achieving our goals.

This adventurous spirit is evident in its impressive resume of expeditions around the globe, all led by Jamie Young, the company's MD. 

Here is an update from Jamie on what has been happening in Killary Adventure Expeditions and his plans for 2016: 

"As Ireland slowly emerges from recession, Killary Adventure Expeditions is looking at a number of exciting projects after the success of 'North of Disco' in 2013.

In 2015, we attempted to return to Greenland in another complex project, this time to film underwater as well as another extended sea kayaking trip. And to make another film not only about the work of an artist working in this challenging environment but other aspects of life in Greenland.

Unfortunately  the N Atlantic weather during the summer of '15 was wild....! The team made it half way across, approx. 600 miles, before meeting particularly stormy conditions requiring us to lie to a drogue for 2 days. (That means putting out a long line to slow the boat and sit stern to to large waves to prevent damage.)

During this time, water managed to get into the engine and apart from destroying the starter motor, other damage was apparent. We were lucky to return quite fast in favourable winds but then had to take the engine and gearbox out of the boat and do a complete strip down and rebuild with a lot of new parts. This took some time and since the weather windows to get to Greenland and do what we had planned are very short, we ran out of time.

So, since this photography concept remains unfinished business, we are trying to work out how to return......and how to afford to return! 

This requires: boat preparation - food sourcing - film/photography equipment - travel - insurance - permissions - etc etc. So, that is what we are up to now - trying to get it together.

Whether we manage to go next year - '16 or the year after, this destination is the aim. And to continue to take photos for another book 

Other than that, which is very time consuming, I personally have bought a touring bike with the intention of doing some longer trips, possibly with a trailer but otherwise as light weight as possible. With a knee replacement nearly a year old, just finding out what is possible and how far those possibilities go. "

Read the 2014 Paddle World article and have a look at some of the incredible photos from the North of Disco Expedition

Schools Roadshow:

Shane Young who participated in the North of Disko expedition has put together a fantasic presentation for secondary school students which is both educational and inspirational. He has visited a number of schools and the feedback has been very positive. If you would like to contact Shane to arrange a visit to your school you can email him at or call 095 43411. This presentation is free of charge and lasts for approximately 1 hour.

"I just wanted to email you to thank you so much for the excellent presentation we received today from Shane about his exciting trip to the arctic circle. His passion for the trip was clear to see & the detail he gave us with the wonderful slide show he showed was both informative & interesting. The girls were inspired by his adventure, they learnt a lot about Greenland and it gave them food for thought.

Many thanks,
Chanelle Hogan,
TY Co ordinator,
St. Raphaela's Sec School,

"Shane was in Zoe and Aoife’s school today (St Raphaela’s) giving a talk about his Greenland trip to the transition year students which is Zoe’s year and she found it ‘awesome’ (which means fascinating and enthralling to you and me).

Damian and Clodagh (parents of Zoe and Aoife)"