Bust couple of weeks here in the centre as we opened up the Roof Top cafe here in Killary and with all the secondary school kids settling in for the leaving cert/junior cert we have changed to having  lots of Summer camp kids in for the week.  It is nice for staff to have the same kids in for a week as we can teach them about the outdoors more and instill into them the respect and love we have for the natural environment.

Its that time of year when expeditions are kicking off again and the North of Disko expedition to Greenland is only 24 hours from departure http://northofdisko.com/ you can follow the progress here and see how they are getting on as they update the blog.  The rough plan is to sail from here to North West Greenland again and then while up there to use Josie Gibbons hand built kayaks to explore the Greenlandic inlets around Upernavik.  Daragh Muldowney http://dulraphotography.com/ will also be part of the trip again as he seeks to grow on the success of ''Into thin air'' his photo book from last expedition.

Otherwise blog has got less frequent as I am spending all my time outside now enjoying the colours of Connemara in summer.  Sit back and look at some of the photos from last week.