This last couple of weeks have been the complete opposite of March.  The weather has improved immeasurably as sunshine hits the shores of Connemara and people begin to forget that winter ever happened.  It is amazing to see the change in people as life takes on a different pace for the busy season.  In the centre we have gone up from the normal crew of 10 to almost 40 people now.  The life around the place is infectious now and there is always something going on.  Be it parties on a beach or climbing hills - it is a change to have company.

     In the rest of the area there are now people on the road every day and all the hotels are bringing people into the area.  After spending the Easter weekend in England I can see even more the appeal of coming to the west of Ireland, it is almost wild to these people with nowhere near the population or crowding you get over there.

     I have even started to notice it in the kids that come through the centre, we are getting school groups from all over the country but for those from Dublin it is the biggest shock.  First up mobile phone reception is not very good and if you are O2 then there isn't any.  They can't believe that this is possible followed by the revelation that our internet is very slow.  Speaking to local hotel owners this is a big problem in the area. If you go to a hotel nowadays you expect fast internet however out here there is one provider and it is not the most reliable.  To deal this we have to be inventive and try to entertain the kids as much as possible so that they don't even realise that they are not using technology, a rarity in today's world.

On another note here is very modern technology with a drone showing the beauty of the area