Its been a quiet few weeks on the blog, which I would love to say was due to all the training I am putting in for my Connemara hill run this summer!  However work and weather has been interfering with my training at the moment.  I think I have turned a corner this week though as the sun has started shining and its getting light at 6.45 in the morning and staying until about 7 in the evening.  No excuses when the sun is shining in Connemara, look at the photos if you don't believe me.

March also signals the start of last minute preparations as we welcomed in our first big school group of the year with 100 students in for the week.  All the improvements and upgrades we did over the winter are finally being tested.  It is both an exciting time and one with a little bit of dread.  Excitement that the winter is over and Spring and the new season has arrived combined with dread that something will break down just as everyone arrives.

On other more exciting news I have just ordered myself a new Sea Kayak, the Rockpool Taran, probably the fastest touring boat out there at the moment. Depending of course on who is in the cockpit!  Also new technology has arrived just in time for the new season as GoPro 3 has arrived, this is for use on Jamies sailing trip around the coast of Ireland but also to capture some of the faces of Killary as you pass through our doors.

Paddy's weekend is a personal bugbear of mine, a weekend where everyone of Irish descent sees fit to go out and drink themselves senseless.  For me it is normally a celebration of the end of winter and start of a new season therefore perfect for a camping trip or adventure. This year with the stunning weather of the last week and the endless possibilities I will leave you in suspense as to what photos you might see next week.


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