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Evening activities:

Evening activities during the Camping Expedition include camp craft and bush craft. These will involve campers learning to prepare their campsite, cooking and getting ready for the next part of the journey. Any remaining time is filled with fun games and challenges either on the beach or around the woodland campsite.


Accommodation includes 2 nights staying at Killary Adventure Centre ( the first and last nights)  and 5 nights camping. Have a look at our cosy accommodation base at Killary Adventure Centre and read our Parent Information Guide for more details on accommodation arrangements.


What is included:

Accommodation, all meals, equipment and guides for the entire camp. All activities are included in the camp price - there are no extra charges for activities.

Closer to the time of the camp:

Parents we are sure you will have lots of questions when it comes to preparing for your child's Expedition Camping Camp. Have a look at our Parent Information Guide to find the answers to your questions.


Please note:

  • Arrival time: Sunday between 4pm and 6pm for dinner
  • Departure time: 10am after breakfast on the following Sunday
  • Campers can be dropped off at Killary Adventure Centre.


This is my 3rd year doing a Killary Summer camp so this year I did the Wilderness camp. I don’t think I have had this much fun before in my life. It's a great way of showing the nature and wildlife of the west Ireland. Most important is the adventure and friendship you make when doing the wilderness camp. Honestly I wish I was still there and not back home. I would not change the experience for the world.

David - July 2017