First off we had the Bray cliff run in Dublin on the 2nd of April.  Almost 1800 runners braving the elements in pretty grim conditions to run along the cliff path between Greystones and Bray.  It is a lovely walk between two very nice towns and being as close as it is to Dublin it is very accessible. Its nice for a change to decamp the whole lot of us up to Dublin to show off our events to a broader public. 

                 Following this it was the spin back west and back to the daily grind of Kayaking and activities on the west coast.  Its a tough life!!

                Last week we left the sunshine of Galway behind and headed over to Birmingham to pick up the new vehicle to replace our Toyota Hilux which we have had for the last 12 years.  How do you replace something like this, well if you scroll down you will see our lovely new Perentie 110 Land Rover.  All the way from Australia via England it is an ex army pick up, hopefully if the army cant break them then we won't be able to either.  It was a long drive back through North Wales but very interesting as I spun by some of the big money projects that they have put in recently.

                Firstly I went to surf Snowdonia which is an artificial wave built in the middle of the welsh mountains.  It was interesting to see what a couple of millions of pounds worth of investment will get you these days.  They built an artificial lake and then in the middle of it is a hydraulic ram that pushes a wave generating machine up along a rail in the middle.  This creates a perfect wave every 2 minutes in both directions.  No more traipsing around the country seeing which waves are working and looking at forecasts.  Simple fun waves at the press of a button. (photos at bottom)

                Now it is all ahead with the first ever moonlight night cycle in Europe taking place this weekend in Connemara.  With almost 200 people coming out for the inaugural cycle it will be a bit stressful but also fun to see people experience night cycling for the first time