So last week I told you that we had some new plans for the new year, something to keep us busy over the winter and explore a bit more of the Irish landscape after being away all last year.  First off Jamie's plans for May.

Jamie's plan is to go round Ireland in a 'Wayfarer'' a 15' 10" dingy with no covered cockpit and nothing in the way of comfort or protection from the elements.  Why you ask?  His response is always Why not?  As he goes into his 63rd year he is finding the urge to adventure as strong as ever.  So him and his 71 year old fellow explorer Brian Cunningham are heading off for an exciting trip around Ireland in a small boat that allows them to pull into all the small towns and villages around the coast of Ireland.  There previous expediton together was a kiting expedition back from the south pole (read about it here).   While the sail sounds  idyllic, the reality is it will be far more difficult as sailing up the Wild Atlantic coast at any time of the year is a big undertaking.  The website is in the process of being put together and there will be tracking available as they sail around.  The plan is to start in May, weather dependent on the exact date but stay tuned to see how they get on.

                Meanwhile after last year's water based adventure I will be keeping my feet dry this year.  I have always loved to run in the Connemara hills a source of constant joy and fulfilment is topping out on yet another mountain in Connemara.  This year I have give myself a challenge to allow me to spend even more time in the mountains with a reward at the end of it.  Never having run more than 50km in a go I have mapped out a route which is 106km long and with almost 10000m of ascent  throughout the entire route.  The plan is to do this in one go, unassisted and in less than 24 hours.  A bit of a step up but I have always subscribed to the opinion that if you know at the start you can do something without pushing yourself then it is not a challenge.  To really push myself I feel the need to try for something which requires huge effort in preparation and training, this allows me the motivation to go out on those wet and shitty days and when it is easier to stay inside in a warm house.  I am in the last stages of finalising the route so I will hopefully have a photo for next week of the intended route.

So here's to an adventurous and difficult new year